The Christensens

The Christensens

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

first birthday for Ledger

Aunt Kristina made these amazing mater cakes for Ledger and Taegen!
Happy birthday boys!!!


He kept hitting his face with his chocolate covered hands. You can make out finger prints on his forehead.

The next night we did it all over again with the other side of the family.  This time Grandpa helped Asher get involved and Olivia voluntarily helped herself.

Can't get enough!
But he did and he didn't like the bath either night.


Never take 6 children to harmons!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tate's birthday was on the 26th of March.  He would have been 2!  Time goes by so fast.  We cleaned his headstone and repainted the black inside the letters.  It looks so good, I'm sure once the sprinklers hit it it's going to be back to looking weathered, but we plan on keeping it shiny and nice.
 Okay so I put Asher in almost every sport that comes along so he can see what he loves and wants to stick with. But we always hesitate to put the girls in things and really it's for dumb reasons.  We have been feeling bad about it and decided to make up for it and put them in a beauty pageant.  We did this pageant 3 years ago and they both won the Grand Queen title in their age divisions.  I thought it was a fluke that they both won that year, but nope!  I have beautiful girls! Avaree won the Queen title in hers and Olivia won Grand Queen in her age division, which is the highest achievement you can get.  So we are going to The Nationals!!! Should be fun!

Getting ready for the pageant

I got to escort Avaree on stage.  She's  so cute!

Avaree with her crown and trophy.  So happy!

Olivia got to go on stage alone without me and she did awesome!!!  Obviously she did something right, she did win Grand Queen!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ledger turns one in two weeks.
He can stand up holding onto things.
He loves to eat
When I tell him to say mama he says dada.
He has 4 almost 5 teeth

Avaree is 3 almost 4
She will finally jump on the tramp with other kids without me.
Her favorite phrase is "No I amn't"
She loves preschool

Olivia is 5 almost 6
She sometimes has front teeth
She drives too fast
She loves princesses and "all the handsome boys"

Asher is 7 1/2
He likes riding his 4-wheeler and hiking
He loves playing with his friends and playing the wii
He loves his family especially baby Ledger

March 2012

Olivia was taking pictures. The one of Ledger and the one of Asher are the pictures she took that had people in them.  The rest were pictures of toys and things around the house.

It is getting warmer and the kids are dying to live in their swim suits!

They loved helping wash the four wheelers! 
Ledger is standing up at everything now 
Ledger and cousin Jax 
We went camping and Ledger sat in a chair or on the couch or the four wheeler the whole time. He didn't try to get down and crawl at all. He wasn't feeling well though. Poor guy! 

Olivia and Asher giving thumbs up 

They found a rock that looked like a brown egg and they thought it was the coolest treasure ever! They called it a golden egg. 

Ledger sitting on the four wheeler.  He loved it! 

Poor baby got so sick, couldn't even hold his head up. 
He's feeling much better. Back to his normal into everything self!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Take a look at February

Olivia and Avaree were dancing in the rain with their cute safari hats on. Olivia is in love with the tutu, she tries to sleep in it!

They were out there for over 30 minutes dancing. I was cold just going out to take pictures but they insisted that it was fun and they were not cold.  They came in with bright red feet hands and faces.

Ledger is getting so big!!!

Happy Birthday Brandon!  He was so embarrassed by the face cake but it was his 30th and I had to make it special and nothing says remember me like face cake!!!

He always sleeps with his arms up like that.  Tatum did too.

Pedicure in mommy's bathroom!

We went up to Brandon's parents house, that's under construction, to do some birthday stuff but it was so cold outside we didn't go out much.

He loves watching out the window!

I let the kids rid the mattress down the stairs. It was fun, I always love acting like a kid!

Laughing at the bottom because it was so fun!

We were at costco and Avaree saw their flowers and said I want those for Tatum. I thought it was a good idea so we did it and I let her put them in and give them water.  Any time we see flowers that's who we think of.  Miss you Tate!