The Christensens

The Christensens

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New baby boy!

So our birth didn't go exactly as planned. Tatum was born at the hospital by ceacerian on Friday May 26th. Soon after which he was on a life flight to Primary Childrens Hospital with his daddy by his side and mommy left to recover in St. George. For the next 48 hours we were all heart broken and devistated. Since then we have hade time to cope and pull our feelings together and all we really care about is taking home our precious baby boy home. He has a cleft palat and some heart problems and he just had surgery on his esophagus and trachea to repare the trachea and put the esophagus together because the middle part wasn't there so they just connected the two ends together. His right ear didn't form fully and he only has one kidney, but he's a strong fighter and is hanging in there. He really is beautiful and has stolen all of our hearts and thrown us through the ringer!

Asher Olivia and Avaree are having a hard time with me being gone for so long but Brandon went home with his parents yesterday and the kids are so glad to have grandma and grandpa watching them during the day and daddy home at night. I miss them so much I'm in tears every time I have to say goodbye on the phone. I'm so looking forward to seeing them this weekend and I really hope they all get better soon. They've all had the flu this week and it breaks my heart to have to be so far away and not be the one comforting them and cleaning up the mess. It's hard to have to have other people taking care of all of my responsibilities. I hope everyone knows how much I love and appreciate them. I have amazing sisters and sister in-laws that have been there for my family so so much this last week. I love them so much! All of my family members and friends have sent their love and support in any ways they can even if it's just a phone call or text. I love you all so much! My brother James has been here every minute he can and I really appreciate his support. I love all of my family so much!

Thanks again for all of the love and support!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby to be!

We still don't know what we're having... It'll be a surprise to all of us! I only have 4 weeks left and it's getting so uncomfortable, but I'm so glad it's the end! I decided to take some prego pic's since I don't have hardly any pic's with me in them and I'm hoping that this is my last time being pregnant so I wanted some good pic's. I'm huge! I don't feel that big, but there it is! Can't wait to be done!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Date Night

The kids earned a date night. Asher, for doing his chores for a whole week. Olivia, for not wetting the bed for a whole week. So we took just the two of them to Jumping Jacks, and it was a huge hit. They headed strait for the biggest slide there. It only took 45 minutes to totally wear them out, so it was worth the money, even though we didn't stay as long as I'd planned. Then we took them to get "smoosies" as Olivia would call them (smoothies). I forgot to take my camera that time, but a few weeks later the kids went to the dentist and since all 3 were in at the same time, Brandon and I had to rotate between the 3 of them, never leaving Ava alone, because she'd freak out. Any ways long story short... Asher had 2 cavities and they numbed him while neither Brandon or I were in the room. I was a little pissed off about that and so was Ash. Once I got there he was screaming and starting to hyperventilate, so I took him to the bathroom and calmed him down a bit and then Brandon sat with him the rest of the time. His reward for being so brave (or neglected and abused) was to go to the bounce house, so we took all 3 kids this time and my camera. The pain was soon forgotten and he says he still likes the dentist and is going to work really hard at remembering to brush and floss every day so we won't get any more cavities!

Cute kids

Ava was asleep at the time or I would have put here in there too.

Nap time

Avaree doesn't like taking naps very much lately, so she climbs out of bed quietly, gets all of her toys out and eventually I find her like this curled up on the floor in a pile of toys zonked!

Early morning DIVA!

The other morning, like most mornings, Olivia wakes up and has breakfast and then the first thing she asks is "can I do my makeover?" So here is a pic of her doing her "makeover" in her pj's first thing in the morning. What a cute little diva she is turning out to be!


So on bowling night my sisters thought it'd be funny for us to all look prego and since Kristina and I don't have to fake it, JoLee and Lex put bowling balls in their shirts-they look totally fake, and they got to loose their totally fake babies after the pics were taken. Unfortunately for Kristina and I, we still have to haul our "bowling balls" around for another month!

Bowling Night!

So we wanted to do something with the kids for valentines day instead of leaving them with a babysitter and doing something on our own, so we called my family and invited everyone to go bowling with us-Asher's idea. He was so excited to go! Grandpa and Grandma and Aunt Lexy and Uncle Daryl and Aunt JoLee and Uncle Jon and Aunt Kristina all joined us and hopefully had as good of a time as we did! It was really funny to watch the kids bowl. Asher did it all by himself and did really well. Olivia had to have help but she tried really hard to do it on her own. The ball maxed out speed at 2 miles per hour. Avaree had fun pushing the re-set button and messing up the game. We all had fun though!