The Christensens

The Christensens

Saturday, March 31, 2012

 Okay so I put Asher in almost every sport that comes along so he can see what he loves and wants to stick with. But we always hesitate to put the girls in things and really it's for dumb reasons.  We have been feeling bad about it and decided to make up for it and put them in a beauty pageant.  We did this pageant 3 years ago and they both won the Grand Queen title in their age divisions.  I thought it was a fluke that they both won that year, but nope!  I have beautiful girls! Avaree won the Queen title in hers and Olivia won Grand Queen in her age division, which is the highest achievement you can get.  So we are going to The Nationals!!! Should be fun!

Getting ready for the pageant

I got to escort Avaree on stage.  She's  so cute!

Avaree with her crown and trophy.  So happy!

Olivia got to go on stage alone without me and she did awesome!!!  Obviously she did something right, she did win Grand Queen!

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