The Christensens

The Christensens

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Who says fat people shouldn't wear stripes?

Baseball and Dance

Asher on 1st base

Asher loved playing on the same team with neighbor friends and a good friend from school.

Avaree is the 2nd from the right.  She looked very cute at her dance recital!

Olivia is the one with her arms up!  She knew all the moves and steps to the dance.  She did very well on stage!  So much fun!!

Family Reunion

The long drive...
Cousin Lucas and Ledger

Avaree and Cousin Berkley

Olivia and Avaree.  Avaree doesn't have a shirt for a reason!

Asher loves plain noodles!  The kid needs food therapy!

Olivia loves to pose for pictures!  She had a blast playing with all the girls!
Asher and Aunt Amie
We went to Cedar for the summer games opening ceremonies to see Uncle Jake on the big screen giving his family and cute wife Amie a message saying he misses us and loves us. He is deployed in the army soon to be shipped off to Iraq.  After the movie of the soldiers messages to their families they had some amazing fireworks that shot off about 15 feet away from us and we literally were blasted with debris we were so close!  It was so amazing though, the movie and the fireworks, we're so glad we went!

Birthday party

The girls both had birthdays in June and We had a luau.
Such cute girls!


She lost her teeth...

And she got new ones.  We didn't like the idea of no teeth for 3-4 years.