The Christensens

The Christensens

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Asher riding his bike!!!

I can't believe how much he is growing up!!! He's so big! Ever since he learned to ride his bike he has been on it from sun up till way after dark, basically until I tell him to eat or sleep. He is already being quite the dare devil! He likes to pop wheelies and stand up while riding. He said to me this morning, "Mom, I can ride standing up with my tongue out and my eyes closed!"


So I really hope to get some pictures of Brandon running the marathon, because he did amazing! I just didn't get any on my camera. My kids had a good time waiting for daddy to run by so they could cheer him on. He looked great for running 24 miles at the point where we were waiting to see him. He ran the whole thing in 3 hours 35 minutes! We are all so proud of him! He's amazing!

Pine Valley

We've been so busy lately and haven't had a chance to blog so now I'm catching up. and there's more to come! I just have to wait for some pic's from other people. We spent some time up in Pine Valley before it got cold and Elsie (Brandon's sister) took some great pic's of my kids, these are just a few.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween turned out to be a really fun day for the kids! Brandon taught Asher how to ride a bike without training wheels and I really wish I would have gotten some pic's of that, but I got it on video, I just don't know how to do anything with it on the computer. But we carved pumpkins and made pictures to put on glass jars with candles in them. We went to Grandma and Grandpa C's house and went trick or treating with them and they were all asleep by 8:30. They had a blast! Asher was Spider man, Olivia was Tinker Bell and Ava was a Ballerina with her cute cousin Berkley. Thanks Aunt Lexy for the cute Tutu!

Grandma Sheriff's house

We went to Grandma Sheriff's house and made fudge with her. The kids had so much fun! They ate more than they helped, but that's the funnest part of making fudge with grandma! We also had a lot of fun playing outside in all the places I played when I was little. Asher thought that was so cool that he got to play where I used to play, and was really excited that his grandma Evertsen grew up there too! We made lots of memories!

Grandma S.

The kids had so much fun playing at Grandma Sheriff's house. We had a lot of fun spending the weekend with cousin Berkley and Aunt Lexy. Oh and I'm not getting fat, for those of you who don't know, I'm pregnant again. Big surprise eh? We're excited though!


Brandon went to Panama for almost 2 weeks and I thought I wouldn't miss him too much. Next time he does something like that I am going with him and leaving the kids home:) He went with his dad and friend Dave to go paint the Panama Temple. They didn't have a ton of time to sight see but what they did get to go see was amazing! One night they got lost going to dinner and ended up driving across the bridges of the America's and ended up on another continent. They all seemed to have a good time but were glad to finally be home!

Asher and Olivia are absolutly loving pre-school this year! They have awesome teachers! This was them all dressed up and ready for their first day of school.