The Christensens

The Christensens

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Avaree is the pink power ranger, Olivia is Merida from Brave, Asher is a purple minion, and Ledger is a tiger. He has also been a bumble bee and spider man so far this year. Whatever he feels like wearing is what he will be.

I made this costume, and I have to say... Nailed it! It is soooo funny! He has pvc pipe in the arms so he can lift the whole arm up and wave... Thanks Eric for that awesome idea!

My cute little duck!

Family pictures

Family pictures! I think they turned out pretty good.
Maclaine has already changed a ton though!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Time goes by so fast!

Sorry it's been forever! No camera... too many kids... not enough ambition! Anyways Asher is 9 now! Olivia is 7, Avaree is 5, Tate has been gone over 3 years, Ledger is 2, Maclaine our newest member is 3 months almost 4 months.  I can't believe how time flies! The oldest 3 are in school full day and I am loving having the little ones all day to spoil and play with! I love to be with my older ones too, they are all into different things and it's fun to spend one on one time with them.

Maclaine and Asher

Avaree Olivia Maclaine and Asher
We couldn't get Ledger to join the gang.