The Christensens

The Christensens

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Take me out to the ball game!

My cousin Mac is staying at our house for the summer to play baseball for the Roadrunners. We have really enjoyed watching the games this week and Loved seeing him pitch! Good job Mac! My cousins little girl Tia got to dance with Reggie the team mascot. Super cute!

Baseball in Beaver

We went to Beaver for the weekend and had a really good time playing baseball and basketball with the fam. Asher did really good considering he hadn't ever played baseball before. It took him a while to figure out which base to run to next, but overall he did good and had fun!


Avaree got her first lemon! She really didn't mind it too much. She didn't want a second taste, but she handled it really well!

JoLee and Jake graduated! My camera died at Jakes Graduation though so I didn't get any pictures, but we're so proud of both of them! Congratulations Graduates!

graduation time

We had so much fun watching Ashers Graduation! He was so cute and he was so excited to do his part. He got to say Tongues are for tasting into the microphone and he was beaming! He has lots of family members that were there to love and support him in his cuteness! Both sets of Grandparents and Aunt Lexy and Aunt JoLee and Uncle Daryl were there to enjoy his special moment. Love you Ash!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lake again!

We went out on the lake again and this time daddy came along. Kristina and I rode and had a good time, but then I made the mistake of riding with Brandon. Daryl thought it would be funny to be a little rougher on us and it hurt really bad when we crashed! The kids had a good time riding with daddy though! Brandon taught Asher how to say cut it wher you're all done riding.

Mothers Day

For Mothers day Brandon surprised me and took me and his parents to Zions for the day. We had a picnic and hiked the emerald pools. Asher and Olivia did really well and they both hiked almost the whole thing by themselves! Olivia finally let Brandon hold her half of the way back. Asher held Grandma and Grandpa's hands and they swung him half of the way back. We had a really good day. I love my family!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer Time!

We LOVE summer time! Asher and Olivia are bugging me every day to go swimming at Grandma Shelli's house! Asher can swim pretty well by himself and Olivia tries, but fails miserably! But she always comes out with a big smile on her face. Avaree likes to splash around in the water after she's gotten used to it. It usually takes her a few minutes at first, but eventually she really likes it.

Uncle Daryl took us out on the boat for the first time this summer. Me and Asher got to ride on the big Molecule tube, that was really fun! All of the kids loved it!

Avaree is getting so big! she is crawling all over the place and into everything! She is lots of fun and still a very happy and content baby! We get to watch Brandon's cousin R.J. at least once a week and they have lots of fun together. They are so cute!

We went camping again a few weeks ago with Brandon's family this time and again the kids had a blast. I didn't get many pictures, but Grandma Shelli bought the kids kites and they had lots of fun flying them. Asher loved climbing in the trees. Olivia was wearing grandma's head lamp and kept going cross eyed when she would try to look at the light. it was really funny. She kept looking at Cory's light and saying hers was white, because his was white, but when he got closer to her we said look Olivia your light is red and it's making Cory's face all red, and she said "Oh sowey Cowey!" It was really funny.

Okay I'm a slacker. Back in April Brandon ran a 10k and did really well. It was his first race and he came in 3ed place in his age division, and 31st over all out of 700 people. He currently is training for the marathon, and is hoping to run it in 3.5 hours. I think he's amazing!