The Christensens

The Christensens

Monday, February 1, 2010

Date with Livy

Olivia and I had a nice girls afternoon and gave ourselves pedicures. She had a ball! She is so girlie already and loves makeup and nail polish and anything else that's feminine! She was very insistent that we had a picture of our matching toes.

Jake leaves for basic

I wish we would have gotten pictures of Jake, but I'm a slacker and just got pics of the cake we made for his farewell! He is at basic training right now and I hear it's killer! We are so proud of him though and wish him well!

Beaver Santa

My monkey on the table!

Sleding in Beaver

Olivia basically sat in the sled the whole time and ate snow, that was her idea of a good time. Asher loves to sled down the hill though. He would wait patiently for Grandpa to take him up the hill on the snowmobile and then sled down by himself, he had a blast! Avaree was held almost the whole time since she could hardly move in all those snow clothes that were a bit too big for her!


The Sheriff Christmas party was really fun, Asher and Olivia Loved Santa this year. Avaree needs some coaching still but she loved opening presents! Grandma S. made the girls tutu's and the boys super-hero capes with their names on them. They were in heaven!

Pizza night!

Asher and Olivia got to help Aunt Mindy make pizza. They had more fun playing in the flour than actually making the pizza! Avaree was just enjoying herself with the toppings! She loves pepperoni!

50 mile relay!

Back in December Brandon ran a 50 mile relay race. We were so proud of him. The kids love to see him run and cheer him on! Good job daddy!