The Christensens

The Christensens

Friday, November 26, 2010


Thanksgiving this year has been a good one, other than Brandon had to work Thanksgiving day :( No fun.  We were with my family this year and Grandpa and Grandma Sheriff were able to come down to be with us even though the crazy winter storm almost made them cancel.  But they made it and we had a really good day.  Grandma Evertsen made some fun books for the kids that was called The Turkey with the Terrible Tantrum.  The kids loved it and loved to color in them.  Then we all got to say what we were thankful for and the kids loved being able to say what they were thankful for and be the center of attention for a minute.  Asher was thankful for the turkey books Grandma made them.  Olivia was grateful for all her blessings and for her family and Avaree said (with help) that she was grateful for grandma's and grandpa's and all our family.  We ate and ate and ate till we wanted to burst!  It was all so yummy!  We didn't have room for any pie for a few hours, but when we finally felt able to eat again we totally indulged ourselves in the amazing pies that Lexy (my sister) made.  We took the kids to see Tangled and they loved it.  It was pretty cheesy even for a disney movie, but really cute.  By then it was time to go home and go to bed.  We were grateful that Brandon was able to join us for the movie, the kids were so sad he wasn't around especially Avaree, she was clingy all day and cried for her daddy. 
 Asher playing with a raw lasagna noodle.  My kids are so weird when it comes to food.
 My sister Delecta Avaree playing peek a boo and me.
 Making fudge with Grandma! Yum Yum!!

 The fudge never got to set up because we ate too much of it.

 While we were busy cooking and cleaning, Avaree found great Grandma's lipstick and isn't she so pretty?  Love the color Aves!

We had so much fun making fudge with Grandma!  Even me if you can't tell!  I revert back to a child when Grandma Sheriff is around- I love her to pieces!!  Grandpa too!  Over all it's been an enjoyable weekend.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

November craft

Asher was really board today when none of the neighbors could play and he said we needed to do an activity and paint something.  I thought that was a good idea and got online to find a simple craft to do with stuff we already had.
This is what we came up with.  Plastic cup turkeys.  I think they are horrendous looking but they had a lot of fun making them and spending time together is always a plus!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

 So I was baby sitting my nephew and my neighbors baby at the same time and the kids thought it was so fun to hang out in the baby seat.  Avaree is obsessed with baby seats and car seats with buckles!

While I'm busy watching babies all day long Avaree is free to get into any thing she wants to. Like my make up.  It's not the first time and probably won't be the last time it happens.

Halloween Night.

 Grandma and Kitty Avaree
 Kids trick or treating!

 Soldier Asher
Grandma Avaree Daddy Asher Olivia Cory and Mindy

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just an ordinary day at the Christensen house

We are so lucky to have so many kids in our neighborhood that are so fun to play with!  It keeps my kids entertained and I love them all!

Halloween party

Scary kids!!!

The devil and the Kitten

My little army dude

The halloween party with the neighbors

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The best street ever!

We seriously live on the best street ever!  No through traffic and tons of kids!  I love my neighbors and all the kids that are so close to my kids and have become such good friends!  I hope no one ever moves away!

Asher's Birthday

Asher and Carson are both cute spider man's.
So I have a 6 year old now and it freaks me out.  I am glad that they are getting bigger and can help out more, but I'm so sad that my baby is so big!  We had a HUGE party for him and had 26 kids show up for the party.  We had a Super Hero Training Camp in our back yard, though the biggest hit was the bounce house.  Asher was so spoiled, and cleaning up the mess was far worse than cleaning up after Christmas!  We had a lot of fun though.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

24th weekend

The kids had a blast playing with the cousins and playing in the river!

They loved the parade and got loaded with candy!

Asher learned how to ride the 4-wheeler all on his own and even went on a ride with Grandpa Christensen-driving on their own seperate bikes. He had a good time and is very proud of himself for doing it on his own.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Miss you Tate!

So life has been flipped upside down at our home. Things are different and can never go back to being "normal". I miss my son so much it hurts. I hate that life has to go on, but the love I have for my other 3 children keeps me going and helps me to be strong. I have the most amazing family and could never have gone through the pain and struggles without them. Life definately has continued and will continue with or without me, so we are doing our best to remember the life that touched ours every day for 41 days here on earth and will continue to change us and help us learn and grow for the rest of our lives, and we're hoping to become the people that he knew we could be. We miss you Tate!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Blue Jay's

Asher is on the Blue Jay team this year and I can't help but laugh watching a bunch of 5-7 year old kids playing baseball! It's so cute. They are more interested in the dirt than watching what's going on in the game, but the uniforms are cool and they are playing baseball! They have to be told every little thing to do so there is a coach on every base telling them when to run. Asher was on 3ed base and the ball got hit his way and the other team coaches were yelling for someone to get the ball so Asher (being the good listener that he is) reached down, picked up the ball and handed it to the other teams 3ed baseman. It was really funny, but I didn't feel bad because he wasn't the only one who did funny things like that! The whole game was really funny!

Happy Easter!

Warm Springs

We went to the warm springs and enjoyed the day swimming with Grandma and Uncle Daryl and Aunt Lexy and Berk! Lots of fun!